Dossier de fabrication



Definition of processes and implementation

Production of ranges and tools

Establishement of Individual Quality Assurance Plans

Armoire de stockage en atmosphère contrôlée


Subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Taiwan

Technological watch and treatment of obsolescence

Logistics, inventory management

Storage of components accroding to JEDEC J-STD-033C

Atelier de production


Planning and management of POs (CAPM: Excalibur)

Assembly and soldering of SMD boards (01-005, BGA.)

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

Throught-Hole-Technology soldering

Leaded and lead-free process (SnPb – RoHS)

PCB washing & automatic drying equipment (aqueous process)

Production and control according to standard IPC 610- class 3

Gamme de tests fonctionnels

Testing & Integration

BECKER ELECTRONIQUE has got an air-conditioned assembly hall to ensure process repeatability.

We also have a dedicated area to the assembly and testing of finished products, ranging from simple power-up to the use of specific test benches.

Related services


To broaden the range of services offered, BECKER ELECTRONIQUE has got the equipment in order to repair electronic boards following specific process.  


We are also able to provide qualified staff provision services.